A credit card sized computer – Raspberry Pi for Internet of Things

A single computer board device, handy for starting developing for Internet of Things, have sold over 8 million units. It’s a tool for the budding developers to enhance their skills. Costing around USD 40 it has computing power of 1.2 GHz along with on-board Bluetooth and WiFi. Also packed with an operating system install manager – NOOBS. Easily available online Premier Farnell or RS components.

The original post by Nick Heath.

Further links :

  1. https://www.raspberrypi.org/help/noobs-setup/
  2. https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/noobs/
  3. http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/processor-microcontroller-development-kits/8968660/

Google Calendar Tricks for efficient working

Right from your travel alerts to email reminder of your daily tasks, Google Calendar can help you work efficiently, making you more of Google Calendar expert. You can adjust your schedule for an important meeting, when both parties face time crunch. Google calendar will inform/suggest you “free times” when the attendees are available. Working with GMT timezone and want to know the current Pacific time, enable the “World Time” in your calendar. For details – http://bit.ly/1DhoFDm

Vivaldi rises from Opera’s ashes – A new browser in the market

With a long history of Internet Browsers, going way back to Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefor, Chrome comes another browser Vivaldi for the internet users. Still in it’s early development stages, it promises quite good features. As a phoenix, it rises (based on) from now defunct Opera browser. The features like keyboard shortcuts, stacking tabs, make Opera fans to vote for this. Details – http://bit.ly/1MjYMqy

Angular 2 Framework brings Microsoft, Google together

Google’s controversial Javascript App Framework – Angular has bought together the two IT giants, who will work together to unveil it’s next version. Microsoft’s TypeScript formed a modified base for Angular framework. Google called it AtScript and the new version will be able to help developers to develop code using TypeScript, as well. Google’s collaboration with Microsoft, may make things tough for developers. Details – http://tcrn.ch/1Ffhb3u

Google to retire Helpouts on April 20, 2015

Google launched a video tutorial service called “Helpouts” in November 2013, which was in a sense video chat between people. This service provided some tutorials free of cost and some were paid. The services were confined to the areas like medicine, music etc. Competing with it’s own free video posting service – “Youtube”, Google decided to shut down Helpouts coming April, 2015. Users won’t be able to access the data after that. This experiment, as per Google official release, was not that profitable as expected. More information and credit – http://cnet.co/19fHdJX

Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps – which way to go?

In an enterprise, the Owner/Manager/CEO comes across a decision – how to cut cost without affecting the efficiency of the employees. In this era, when people are debating openly in-favor or against Open Source or Closed End technologies, you need to decide the best way to go. If we compare Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, there are quite variations and i’ll give all votes to Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 has grown from a weak sibling to a major source of revenue for Microsoft. It provides all relevant features which all organizations require, around the clock. All an executive requires is an Internet Enabled Device and he is hook to his email courtesy Microsoft Exchange, or editing documents with Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Gone are the days, when companies used to pay heavy amount for the licensed version of Microsoft Office, whose half of the components were irrelevant to a normal user. With Yammer, you are mixing your desktop with conference room and have all features at one place. Google apps on the other hand, haven’t posed much competition to this excellent product from Microsoft Stable.

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Top 5 dont’s in a professional life

As the saying goes – “To have experience of 40 years at the age of 20, share/learn from other’s experience”. We as employees are sometimes driven by mood swings, rage which can hamper the professional growth and life. As an employee we should try to avoid –

  • Never let rage overpower you – We should maintain the calm posture even in adverse situations and shouldn’t loose temper. Any behavior due to rage or revenge, may result in lost of self-respect.
  • Never backstab your colleagues – Backstabing is a big no in a professional career. Maintain a dignified behavior and don’t even gossip. Like the law of nature, what goes comes back, this backstabing may be harmful for you.
  • Never lie – Always be truthful and honest to your deeds. Lies don’t pay in big run.
  • Never cut a sorry figure – Don’t try to be an object of pity and try to gain undue sympathy from others. Always try to create a positive aura about yourself. Tell people your qualities, your achievements and success stories.
  • Never burn bridges – Not going for the literal meaning, it means to quit a job or join new job graceful. Try to complete the work in hand and let your ex-boss vouch for you. Previous boss/bosses, colleagues can be good professional reference.

Credit for this – http://linkd.in/1uQPAjX

Your work culture decides the extent of effort your employee puts

A happy employee leads to happy customer. If an employee is happy working with you, he will definitely go beyond his limit to make your customer(s) happy and help you grow your customer/client base. Do you trust your employee(s) and do they in-turn trust the management. How actively the employees are engaged in the decision making. Can they take decisions on their own or they are accountable without any delegation of power? Does your employee get equal opportunity and are inspired. The work culture being followed in your organization determines the amount of effort being put by an employee. Check how healthy culture leads to healthy employee, which in-turn gives a happy customer – http://linkd.in/1Ae5M0b

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