How is your prospective boss – good or bad? Check for these symptoms

Managers can be work centric or people centric. A work-oriented manager will always push his employees, making their job difficult. A manager should maintain a balance between work and the employee morale. When a new employee goes for an interview in an organization – there is always some uneasiness about the nature of future boss. Is he too pushy or easy go through personality. Body language of the existing employees, Boss’s interest in conducting interview – is he frequently taking calls or fubbing continuously. These symptoms tell your prospective boss is not a good person and a hard-shell to deal with –

Companies with strong cultural values and good working environment

When it comes to join a company, perspective employees also check the existing work culture with in the organization. The work ethics and a conducive culture help employees to groom themselves and work diligently for the company. A hygienic work culture and practices makes an employee’s job – A Dream Job. Check the top companies with strong work culture, selected on the basis of employee feedback. Surprisingly, the IT giant Google is lagging behind Twitter. –

Required personality traits in an executive in 21st Century

In the 21st Century, the personality traits being asked for in an employee have changed. Along with honesty, sincerity and motivation you need to have following traits to succeed –

1) Visionary Trait – The person should be passionate about people and work. He should be inspiring people and help nurture great ideas. He should have a great vision and willing ness to achieve.

2) Presentation Trait – The new executive should have good communication and public speaking skills. Should be able to express himself and could “create a picture with words”.

3) Communication Trait – The executive should have an understanding of today’s information highway. He should be aware of how the information is generated, processed and shared among people. Should be ready to discuss than impose one’s views on others and the discussion should be open-hearted and not taken negatively.

4) Technology Trait – In this fast shrinking world, the executive should have a nick for new technologies. The new technologies – social media, design attributes, have literally made the whole world a virtual office, barring time differences. He should be aware of different softwares, mobile apps, websites which can be used for enhancing employee productivity/morale and customer satisfaction.

5) People’s Person Trait – A good executive is people’s person. He doesn’t drives them, but is compassionate with his colleagues and the customers. An executive is service industry should be able to “win people by heart” if he needs to succeed.

6) Good Employee – The foremost trait of an executive – should be a good employee, following company values and rules.

Every body likes success. An executive aspires to be a CEO of the concern. But the question always remains the same – how?

Credit for this to Toby Moore

Are you using these words and phrases wrongly

There are some common words and phrases which we come across in our day-to-day life. People use these words incorrectly, unaware of their the meaning being implied. Be it be using 2 consecutive verbs like “of” or confusing between “wreak” or “wreck”. This beautiful compilation of 15 such words and phrases teach us the difference and the correct way. Details here –


Google voice search goes Indianised

Google India recently announced the Indianisation of it’s voice search. Though the primary language will be english, but the new version of Google Voice Search will be able to understand and interpret words/phrases spoken with Indian accent. The Indian people have a totally unique dialect when it comes to English speaking capabilities. Google’s voice search is available to all Android devices (with version 2.3+) and Apple’s proprietary iOS devices – iPhone and iPad. This facility is available on windows computers throught their flagship browser – Google Chrome. Google also combined this facility with Google Now. Details here –

It’s not the end of world, if you delete your facebook page.

Have you ever wondered, what will happen if you delete your facebook page. As a company, first question that strikes you – how will i connect with my customers? will i loose market share, as an aftermath to that?

The answer – Nothing will happen. The sky is not going to fall. The food delivery app “Eat24” saw an upsurge in it’s mobile app download. The percentage growth attributed to “Facebook divorce” was seventy-five percent in the mobile application download and email newsletter subscription jumped from roughly twenty percent to fourty percent.
Do social marketing experts don’t take it as a positive sign and once a while exception, the company is definitely experiencing boost after deleting facebook page. Details here –

How to confirm, if your boss is a coward or not?

Have you ever come across your Boss saying different things to different people, or avoids direct interaction i.e. doesn’t prefers face-to-face option to resolve issues. May be he is forcing you to reply to all his official matters. Chances are there with symptoms like this – your Boss is a coward and doesn’t want to take responsibility of his actions, but also don’t want to part off with his authority. Check the details here –

How HootSuite got millions of customers

HootSuite – the social media dashboard – grew from zero to five million customers with zero ad budget. The growth model adopted by this company was – Freemium. Ryan Holmes, CEO at HootSuite shares his secret of growing into a big company from a small startup. The company – Built authentic relationships with people and initiated cost-effective but irresistible campaigns. Details here.

Throwback, The App That Sends Memories To Future You, Launches On Android

An application that would send your current photos to you and your friends, reminding you of your past memories was launched for Android platform. Users sign up with their email and are given the option to take a new photo or choose one from their photo album. From there, users can choose to send those photos into the future, a time that ranges from a month from now or five years from now. Users can also choose the “Surprise me” function, letting the app choose when a photo will be received.

Things you can do with Samsung Galaxy S5 and not with iPhone 5S

Samsung is giving Apple a tough competition. With the launch of Samsung S5, this competition has heated up. Leave aside the differences between Android OS and the iOS, here is a list of things you can do with your Samsung Galaxy S5 and can’t do with iPhone 5S. Be it be making payments using PayPal or soaking your phone in the water, the list will definitely impress you –