A credit card sized computer – Raspberry Pi for Internet of Things

A single computer board device, handy for starting developing for Internet of Things, have sold over 8 million units. It’s a tool for the budding developers to enhance their skills. Costing around USD 40 it has computing power of 1.2 GHz along with on-board Bluetooth and WiFi. Also packed with an operating system install manager – NOOBS. Easily available online Premier Farnell or RS components.

The original post by Nick Heath.

Further links :

  1. https://www.raspberrypi.org/help/noobs-setup/
  2. https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/noobs/
  3. http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/processor-microcontroller-development-kits/8968660/

Google to retire Helpouts on April 20, 2015

Google launched a video tutorial service called “Helpouts” in November 2013, which was in a sense video chat between people. This service provided some tutorials free of cost and some were paid. The services were confined to the areas like medicine, music etc. Competing with it’s own free video posting service – “Youtube”, Google decided to shut down Helpouts coming April, 2015. Users won’t be able to access the data after that. This experiment, as per Google official release, was not that profitable as expected. More information and credit – http://cnet.co/19fHdJX

Top 5 dont’s in a professional life

As the saying goes – “To have experience of 40 years at the age of 20, share/learn from other’s experience”. We as employees are sometimes driven by mood swings, rage which can hamper the professional growth and life. As an employee we should try to avoid –

  • Never let rage overpower you – We should maintain the calm posture even in adverse situations and shouldn’t loose temper. Any behavior due to rage or revenge, may result in lost of self-respect.
  • Never backstab your colleagues – Backstabing is a big no in a professional career. Maintain a dignified behavior and don’t even gossip. Like the law of nature, what goes comes back, this backstabing may be harmful for you.
  • Never lie – Always be truthful and honest to your deeds. Lies don’t pay in big run.
  • Never cut a sorry figure – Don’t try to be an object of pity and try to gain undue sympathy from others. Always try to create a positive aura about yourself. Tell people your qualities, your achievements and success stories.
  • Never burn bridges – Not going for the literal meaning, it means to quit a job or join new job graceful. Try to complete the work in hand and let your ex-boss vouch for you. Previous boss/bosses, colleagues can be good professional reference.

Credit for this – http://linkd.in/1uQPAjX

Your work culture decides the extent of effort your employee puts

A happy employee leads to happy customer. If an employee is happy working with you, he will definitely go beyond his limit to make your customer(s) happy and help you grow your customer/client base. Do you trust your employee(s) and do they in-turn trust the management. How actively the employees are engaged in the decision making. Can they take decisions on their own or they are accountable without any delegation of power? Does your employee get equal opportunity and are inspired. The work culture being followed in your organization determines the amount of effort being put by an employee. Check how healthy culture leads to healthy employee, which in-turn gives a happy customer – http://linkd.in/1Ae5M0b

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How is your prospective boss – good or bad? Check for these symptoms

Managers can be work centric or people centric. A work-oriented manager will always push his employees, making their job difficult. A manager should maintain a balance between work and the employee morale. When a new employee goes for an interview in an organization – there is always some uneasiness about the nature of future boss. Is he too pushy or easy go through personality. Body language of the existing employees, Boss’s interest in conducting interview – is he frequently taking calls or fubbing continuously. These symptoms tell your prospective boss is not a good person and a hard-shell to deal with – http://linkd.in/1wQJC80

Companies with strong cultural values and good working environment

When it comes to join a company, perspective employees also check the existing work culture with in the organization. The work ethics and a conducive culture help employees to groom themselves and work diligently for the company. A hygienic work culture and practices makes an employee’s job – A Dream Job. Check the top companies with strong work culture, selected on the basis of employee feedback. Surprisingly, the IT giant Google is lagging behind Twitter. – http://bit.ly/YItnKX

Required personality traits in an executive in 21st Century

In the 21st Century, the personality traits being asked for in an employee have changed. Along with honesty, sincerity and motivation you need to have following traits to succeed –

1) Visionary Trait – The person should be passionate about people and work. He should be inspiring people and help nurture great ideas. He should have a great vision and willing ness to achieve.

2) Presentation Trait – The new executive should have good communication and public speaking skills. Should be able to express himself and could “create a picture with words”.

3) Communication Trait – The executive should have an understanding of today’s information highway. He should be aware of how the information is generated, processed and shared among people. Should be ready to discuss than impose one’s views on others and the discussion should be open-hearted and not taken negatively.

4) Technology Trait – In this fast shrinking world, the executive should have a nick for new technologies. The new technologies – social media, design attributes, have literally made the whole world a virtual office, barring time differences. He should be aware of different softwares, mobile apps, websites which can be used for enhancing employee productivity/morale and customer satisfaction.

5) People’s Person Trait – A good executive is people’s person. He doesn’t drives them, but is compassionate with his colleagues and the customers. An executive is service industry should be able to “win people by heart” if he needs to succeed.

6) Good Employee – The foremost trait of an executive – should be a good employee, following company values and rules.

Every body likes success. An executive aspires to be a CEO of the concern. But the question always remains the same – how?

Credit for this to Toby Moore

Are you using these words and phrases wrongly

There are some common words and phrases which we come across in our day-to-day life. People use these words incorrectly, unaware of their the meaning being implied. Be it be using 2 consecutive verbs like “of” or confusing between “wreak” or “wreck”. This beautiful compilation of 15 such words and phrases teach us the difference and the correct way. Details here – http://bit.ly/1mP4xgJ


It’s not the end of world, if you delete your facebook page.

Have you ever wondered, what will happen if you delete your facebook page. As a company, first question that strikes you – how will i connect with my customers? will i loose market share, as an aftermath to that?

The answer – Nothing will happen. The sky is not going to fall. The food delivery app “Eat24” saw an upsurge in it’s mobile app download. The percentage growth attributed to “Facebook divorce” was seventy-five percent in the mobile application download and email newsletter subscription jumped from roughly twenty percent to fourty percent.
Do social marketing experts don’t take it as a positive sign and once a while exception, the company is definitely experiencing boost after deleting facebook page. Details here – http://bit.ly/RmuYlT