How is Etalab modernizing French Government using Open Data – how the Open Data Team modernized the French Government’s working. A startup of 10 persons didn’t forced government departments to share their data. They just collected/used the data available openly. The team known as Etalab had three end results in mind: encouraging a better and more transparent democracy, creating positive economic externalities and modernizing the state. –

New Tech Demo – Face Substitute – The Coolest and the Creepiest Thing

Do you want to wear your favorite personality’s face? How would you feel, if your face looked like them? What if your friends are shocked to see some-body else’s face, when chatting with you over Webcam. Here is new application, which enables you to wear somebody’s face. The best thing, this app is browser based, with the magic of WebGL and ClmTracker a library based on JavaScript, for tracking facial features.

HTTPS could be the order of day in HTTP 2.0

Keeping in mind the increase in Web Spying hindering Web Independence – the Web Infrastructure Developer and the Chairman of the W3C group – Mark Nottingham, has listed a couple of proposals that relate to the HTTP 2.0 protocol. The stress is mainly on encrypting the information being transferred on the Web.  Though yet not final, but we can expect more security on cards, in HTTP 2.0.

Clean up your inbox by sending bulk emails to their specific folders

Are you tired of receiving bulk emails in your Inbox, which literally hide your relevant/important emails. Here is a way out of automatically sorting the emails, so that the required emails are in the Inbox and no bulks. By creating the filter, to filter all emails with “Unsubscribe” word, you can send them to specific folder and read them at your ease.

Australian Startups Zookal And Flirtey To Commercially Deploy Drones For Delivering Textbook Orders

With more and more countries around the world opting to use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the Australian startups Zookal and Flirtey plan to use these Drones for delivering textbooks purchased online. The service, proposed to start in 2014, will gradually expand to US in 2015. Ahmed Haider, co-founder of Flirtey and CEO of Zookal is hopeful to close the gap between ever-evloving eCommerce Industry and the logistics/supply industry, which is still dependent upon the traditional delivery methods for times and long.

Android Apps to improve security and full remote device lockdown

Android mobile phones are always prone to hacking attempts. The vulnerabilities existing in the system, gives jitters to Android based users. Here is the list of some, new improved security apps for an Android phone.

To prevent data loss in case of handset loss, the Android Device Manager is now equipped with full remote device lock-down. It will override your pattern or pin protection.

Fingerprints and Passwords: A Guide for Non-Security Experts

When Apple launched iPhone 5S, which has fingerprint scanner, the debate re-surfaced regarding the best option – password based security or biometrics based security. The actual impact depends upon the circumstances and the usage, password based security gets an edge over fingerprints. May be a combination of both is a better bet to provide proper, secure authentication system.

Android one-click Google authentication method puts users, businesses at risk

The Weblogin feature used to log into Google accounts from Android phones, can compromise the privacy and the security of the Google Apps users. Through this, the Android user authenticate themselves without entering their username/password, on the Google websites. If a Google App Administrator is using such method on his/her Android phone, that might risk the company’s whole setup. Details –

New computer is the size of a pack of index cards

The Israeli, embedding computing products maker, CompuLab, has come up with the smallest computer called Utilite, whose cost starts from 100USD. The bare-bone computer has dimensions of 5.3 inches by 3.9 inches by 0.8 inches. Powered by ARM Cortex A9 processor, it has 4GB of RAM and a HDD of 512GB. The microSD card enables storage upto 128GB. Details –

How to customize the new Start screen in Windows 8.1

Windows Start Screen
Windows Start Screen

Windows 8 start screen is scattered with all sort of icons, which seems quite messy to a clean desktop loving user. To cater to this, Windows 8.1 has offered a dedicated customization button, with which you can customize the start screen. You can unpin them from the Start screen, uninstall them, resize them, turn off any live tiles, or just clear the selection. You also have more tiles sizes from which to choose. The Start screen may still seem like an unnecessary annoyance to many Windows users, especially those working with a non-touch PC. Windows 8 does offer a boot to desktop mode where you can bypass the screen entirely. But the latest tweaks in Windows 8.1 do make the Start screen a bit friendlier and decidedly easier to manage. –