Better utility than Sudo for the users. A tool for windows users.

All Unix/Linux users are familiar with the sudo command and it’s powers.  Centrify comes up with a new utility, which can migrate Sudo policy. Centrify Suite 2013, has also extended privilege management capabilities to also include Windows servers and desktops thereby addressing the issue of restricting and protecting high privilege domain accounts as well as restricting and protecting local accounts with administrative privileges.

Google launched keep, an imitation of Evernote

How many of us, tend to forget simple things, which we see or hear. We use sticky notes to remind us the same. But these sticky notes, generally remain glued to the desks, fridge etc., and are not of much use. What if, we could speak instead of typing the same on our handheld devices.

Google launched a new App called Keep which is an imitation of Evernote. With Evernote, already popular among it’s users (though, it’s a paid service), Keep is launched for all mobile devices which support Android OS version 4.0 and above – phones, tablets etc.

The Evernote fans believe, it’s just another app from Google, which will be discontinued, like other Google apps. Keep allows you to access, edit and create your notes on mobile devices from the web also –

5 Best Open Source Video Editors For Linux Platform

With the growing popularity of Linux platform and with Linux operating system being a reliable, secure alternative to computers running Microsoft Windows, there are many applications which let Linux users, enhance their experiece. With so many video editors available for the Windows platform, here is the list of Video Editors for the Linux Platform. These softwares are easy to use and provide users with features that of Hollywood Extravagnza. Details –

Mac keyboard shortcuts for saving time

Are you a Mac enthusiast or planning to shift to Mac platform. Do you plan to buy yourself a Mac-book Air (or pro) or a Mac Desktop. These shortcuts, help you save time when working on a Mac platform. Even for an IT geek, these shortcuts help to work comfortably on the most admired laptop.

Advanced formatting tricks for Excel users

Microsoft Excel, is an integral part of Microsoft Office. Generally, users are content with some basic functions and general formatting options. It always pays, to push your-self, beyond basics. Check out the advanced formatting tricks for the users, who want to work more effectively and efficiently. Details –

Seagate to Cease Production of 7200rpm Mobile Hard Drives This Year

The largest manufacturer of Hard Disk Drives in the world, Seagate Technology will stop production of 7200rpm hard drives for mobile devices, by the end of 2013. As more and more people are opting for Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD), owing to their performance and the battery life, the company will continue producing 5400rpm hard drives, but cease production of it’s 7200rpm hard drive. Though the production will stop by end of 2013, they have ample stock to last for years, to come. Details –

Turn your iPhone to a 24/7 spycam

Do you have an old iPhone, which you can’t think of any use for. Here is an applicOne of the clever aspects of Koozoo is that your phone doesn’t actually broadcast all day and night. The phone takes a snapshot every few minutes to use as a thumbnail, and only broadcasts live when a viewer using the Koozoo app tunes in. Video streams out at between 200 and 800 kbps, depending on your internet connection,ation – Koozoo which allows you to turn your old iPhone to a spycam which can work on 24/7 basis.

Koozoo app doesn’t broadcast all day and night. It takes snapshot (after few minutes), use them as thumbnails and send the same. It actually broadcasts when the user tunes into Koozoo app. The app can stream between 200 to 800kbps, depending upon the internet connectivity. Details here –

Facebook to offer discounted mobile messaging data in 14 countries

Are you a mobile Facebook user? If no, here are the incentives of using FB exclusively on your mobile phone. Now, you can send almost free text messages to your friends with the Facebook app, in your mobile phone(s). Facebook has collaborated with 18 mobile phone companies in 14 countries like India, Indonesia, Portugal; to enable it’s users to send almost free text messages. These companies/countries include – TMN in Portugal, Three in Ireland, Airtel and Reliance in India, Vivacom in Bulgaria, Backcell in Azerbaydzhan, Indosat, Smartfren, AXIS and XL Axiata in Indonesia, SMART in Philippines, DiGi in Malaysia, DTAC in Thailand, Viva in Bahrain, STC in Saudi Arabia, Oi in Brazil, Etisalat in Egypt, and Tre in Italy. Details –