Category: Mobile Computing

  • A credit card sized computer – Raspberry Pi for Internet of Things

    A single computer board device, handy for starting developing for Internet of Things, have sold over 8 million units. It’s a tool for the budding developers to enhance their skills. Costing around USD 40 it has computing power of 1.2 GHz along with on-board Bluetooth and WiFi. Also packed with an operating system install manager – NOOBS. […]

  • Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps – which way to go?

    In an enterprise, the Owner/Manager/CEO comes across a decision – how to cut cost without affecting the efficiency of the employees. In this era, when people are debating openly in-favor or against Open Source or Closed End technologies, you need to decide the best way to go. If we compare Microsoft Office 365 and Google […]

  • Google voice search goes Indianised

    Google India recently announced the Indianisation of it’s voice search. Though the primary language will be english, but the new version of Google Voice Search will be able to understand and interpret words/phrases spoken with Indian accent. The Indian people have a totally unique dialect when it comes to English speaking capabilities. Google’s voice search […]

  • Things you can do with Samsung Galaxy S5 and not with iPhone 5S

    Samsung is giving Apple a tough competition. With the launch of Samsung S5, this competition has heated up. Leave aside the differences between Android OS and the iOS, here is a list of things you can do with your Samsung Galaxy S5 and can’t do with iPhone 5S. Be it be making payments using PayPal […]

  • Windows Phone 8.1 to include Siri’s clone and Notification Center

    Microsoft is testing the beta version of the Windows Phone 8.1 which include a notification center and a Siri like personal assistant. The complete specifications are planned to be disclosed in the Build Developer Conference in April, 2014. The phone will also have missing parts from the previous version like audio controls, Bing smart search, […]

  • Google readying ‘Mobile Meter’ app that offers rewards for tracking mobile usage

    Google, known for passively collecting data of the users to improve it’s apps performance is working on “Mobile Meter”, which will track mobile app usage, browsing habits from your mobile device. Though, denied as “rumor”, the app will target iOS and Android platforms. The participation will be voluntary and not mandatory for the users.

  • Google launches Android game vending machines, puts first ones in Tokyo

    Google launched 3 Android games vending machines which will sell 18 different games – a combo of paid and free games. All Android users with version 4.0 and NFC, can use the same. The first vending machines, are launched in Tokyo.

  • Android Apps to improve security and full remote device lockdown

    Android mobile phones are always prone to hacking attempts. The vulnerabilities existing in the system, gives jitters to Android based users. Here is the list of some, new improved security apps for an Android phone. To prevent data loss in case of handset loss, the Android Device Manager is now equipped with full remote device […]

  • Few handy tricks for all iOS 7 users

    The appearance of iOS 7 is totally different than it’s predecessors owing to the gradients, in with the trippy fluorescent colors. Though it’s confusing for a user, yet iOS 7 has all sorts of nifty little tricks tucked away in places. These tricks like swiping down for search, call/sms/face time blocking enables users to master the extra-terrestrial […]

  • Why Nokia didn’t sell patents to Microsoft

    Though Nokia sold it’s handset business to Microsoft for a whooping 3.79 billion euros, it has not divulged it’s valuable patent portfolio. Nokia has been eyeing Android market for sometime, and might opt for the same, once the handset deal is closed. The idea is to sell the complete patent portfolio for a higher price, […]