Google readying ‘Mobile Meter’ app that offers rewards for tracking mobile usage

Google, known for passively collecting data of the users to improve it’s apps performance is working on “Mobile Meter”, which will track mobile app usage, browsing habits from your mobile device. Though, denied as “rumor”, the app will target iOS and Android platforms. The participation will be voluntary and not mandatory for the users.

Android Apps to improve security and full remote device lockdown

Android mobile phones are always prone to hacking attempts. The vulnerabilities existing in the system, gives jitters to Android based users. Here is the list of some, new improved security apps for an Android phone.

To prevent data loss in case of handset loss, the Android Device Manager is now equipped with full remote device lock-down. It will override your pattern or pin protection.

Google developing Android videogame console

World’s number 1 Web Search Engine, Google is reportedly working on developing a Gaming Console in Android. Google’s Android operating system is the world’s most popular mobile software, featured on three out of every four smartphones sold. This would enable Google, expand Android’s scope beyond smartphones and tablets. Google is also working on a wristwatch model based on Android. Details –

Opera and Yandex start One Platform Foundation to “help the Android ecosystem evolve”

The prime competitors of Google in the mobile browser space – Opera and Yandex, combined hands to start One Platform Foundation (OPF). OPF allows Android developers to submit their application across all the Android markets. They are being supported by SlideME and CodeNGO in this effort. The official statement says – The OPF was created to solve some of the big problems for Android app developers – app store market fragmentation and lack of time and resources to allocate apps to any of more than 30 alternative app stores other than Google Play. Details –

Send Audio Email With Record and Email Pro

Do you have Android based smartphone and bored by sending old, text emails to your contacts. You can now send audio emails by recording your message, to your near and dears. Using The Record and Email Pro app – you can send email through your Gmail, Yahoo account(s). All you need is the SMTP details of your outgoing server, the recipient’s email address, and you are done. More details here –

51 must have apps for the Android devices

As more and more smart devices are opting for Android operating system and the market is being flooded by the Android devices. Google App Store, which was formally known as Android Market, has approx 600,000+ apps available. Here is the list of 51 must haves, which range from ‘Advanced Task Killer’ – to kill stubborn, memory consuming apps, to ‘Cloud Print’. Check the complete list, here –