Things you can do with Samsung Galaxy S5 and not with iPhone 5S

Samsung is giving Apple a tough competition. With the launch of Samsung S5, this competition has heated up. Leave aside the differences between Android OS and the iOS, here is a list of things you can do with your Samsung Galaxy S5 and can’t do with iPhone 5S. Be it be making payments using PayPal or soaking your phone in the water, the list will definitely impress you –

Few handy tricks for all iOS 7 users

The appearance of iOS 7 is totally different than it’s predecessors owing to the gradients, in with the trippy fluorescent colors. Though it’s confusing for a user, yet iOS 7 has all sorts of nifty little tricks tucked away in places. These tricks like swiping down for search, call/sms/face time blocking enables users to master the extra-terrestrial appearance.

Microsoft may venture into smart watches market made a forecast in October, 2012 that wearable smart electronics in shoes, tattoos, and accessories will emerge as a US$10 billion industry by 2016. Keeping with the trend and worried about it’s declining sales of PCs, Microsoft may launch a smart wrist watch, like other IT giants (Apple and Samsung, are already working on this). It has requested suppliers to provide 1.5 inch display for the prototype of potentially “watch-like-device”.

Manufactured Sapphire could replace glass screen on mobile devices

Sapphire a hardest known natural element, second to Diamond. But it’s three times strong and scratch resistant than the regular glass. That’s the reason, Apple uses Sapphire to protect it’s camera in iPhone 5.  Manufactured sapphire is incredibly strong and scratch resistant. Now falling costs and technology improvements could make it competitive with glass, resulting in more and more phone companies opting for Sapphire instead of glass. For details, click here.