“Frost” Attack Unlocks Android Phones’ Data

Have you secured your Android phone by a pin or unlock pattern. What if you lost your phone? Is your data still safe. No. “Frost” Attack Unlocks Android Phones’ Data By Chilling Their Memory In A Freezer. The researchers from Erlangen University of Germany, found they could read all the secured data, by simply cooling the phone to around five degrees Fahrenheit and quickly rebooting it. With a technique called FROST, or Forensic Recovery of Scrambled Telephones, they could read data from its memory including images, emails and web browsing history, as well as the key that in some cases allows them to decrypt the phone’s encrypted storage disk. Details here – http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2013/02/14/frost-attack-unlocks-android-phones-data-by-chilling-its-memory-in-a-freezer/