Required personality traits in an executive in 21st Century

In the 21st Century, the personality traits being asked for in an employee have changed. Along with honesty, sincerity and motivation you need to have following traits to succeed –

1) Visionary Trait – The person should be passionate about people and work. He should be inspiring people and help nurture great ideas. He should have a great vision and willing ness to achieve.

2) Presentation Trait – The new executive should have good communication and public speaking skills. Should be able to express himself and could “create a picture with words”.

3) Communication Trait – The executive should have an understanding of today’s information highway. He should be aware of how the information is generated, processed and shared among people. Should be ready to discuss than impose one’s views on others and the discussion should be open-hearted and not taken negatively.

4) Technology Trait – In this fast shrinking world, the executive should have a nick for new technologies. The new technologies – social media, design attributes, have literally made the whole world a virtual office, barring time differences. He should be aware of different softwares, mobile apps, websites which can be used for enhancing employee productivity/morale and customer satisfaction.

5) People’s Person Trait – A good executive is people’s person. He doesn’t drives them, but is compassionate with his colleagues and the customers. An executive is service industry should be able to “win people by heart” if he needs to succeed.

6) Good Employee – The foremost trait of an executive – should be a good employee, following company values and rules.

Every body likes success. An executive aspires to be a CEO of the concern. But the question always remains the same – how?

Credit for this to Toby Moore