It’s not the end of world, if you delete your facebook page.

Have you ever wondered, what will happen if you delete your facebook page. As a company, first question that strikes you – how will i connect with my customers? will i loose market share, as an aftermath to that?

The answer – Nothing will happen. The sky is not going to fall. The food delivery app “Eat24” saw an upsurge in it’s mobile app download. The percentage growth attributed to “Facebook divorce” was seventy-five percent in the mobile application download and email newsletter subscription jumped from roughly twenty percent to fourty percent.
Do social marketing experts don’t take it as a positive sign and once a while exception, the company is definitely experiencing boost after deleting facebook page. Details here –

Facebook’s Instagram Videos are full TV commercials

Instagram the photo sharing app, which was succeeded over by Facebook, has added the functionality to post videos. The videos being posted can be up to 15 seconds, which is equivalent to normal TV commercial. With this, Facebook has leaped forward to display video ads on it’s site, which is a major boost, as Video Advertising is still a major chunk of Corporate Budgets. Details –

Facebook Home reconstructs any Android phone to make it about people

Facebook Home
Facebook Home

Facebook Home, a latest Facebook App can be installed on any Android phone and it totally revamps the home screen and the lock screen (in fact, overhauls your phone) to display about your Facebook friends, without evening unlocking the phone. You can like the posts or put your comments on the same, from the home screen, without launching any application. Available beginning April 12th, but only in a limited capacity — it will initially be available on the HTC One and One X, and the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note II.


Why IT Giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook Have Secret Phone Projects

The smartphone market is getting interesting. More and more companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google are venturing/or already ventured in to this field, to – create online services which will increase the time spent by the users on these sites; the companies will be able to use the increased quantity of user data; and lastly, these hardware devices will be really subsidized to make them more viable.  These hardware devices/projects are named – Buffy (in collaboration with HTC), Motorola X phone project (from Google, may carries functionality from Google Glass), and Kindle Phone (from Amazon). Details here –

Facebook launching it’s smartphone. Ties up with HTC.

Facebook is finally preparing to enter the mobile phone market, after years of speculation. The social network giant is teaming up with HTC for the same. The phone, which provides a feel of expanded version of Facebook application found on iOS and Android devices. With a iPhone like “home button”, the screen is slightly larger than the iPhone 5. The phone will use, forked version of the Android Operating System.

Facebook to offer discounted mobile messaging data in 14 countries

Are you a mobile Facebook user? If no, here are the incentives of using FB exclusively on your mobile phone. Now, you can send almost free text messages to your friends with the Facebook app, in your mobile phone(s). Facebook has collaborated with 18 mobile phone companies in 14 countries like India, Indonesia, Portugal; to enable it’s users to send almost free text messages. These companies/countries include – TMN in Portugal, Three in Ireland, Airtel and Reliance in India, Vivacom in Bulgaria, Backcell in Azerbaydzhan, Indosat, Smartfren, AXIS and XL Axiata in Indonesia, SMART in Philippines, DiGi in Malaysia, DTAC in Thailand, Viva in Bahrain, STC in Saudi Arabia, Oi in Brazil, Etisalat in Egypt, and Tre in Italy. Details –