Google readying ‘Mobile Meter’ app that offers rewards for tracking mobile usage

Google, known for passively collecting data of the users to improve it’s apps performance is working on “Mobile Meter”, which will track mobile app usage, browsing habits from your mobile device. Though, denied as “rumor”, the app will target iOS and Android platforms. The participation will be voluntary and not mandatory for the users.

Few handy tricks for all iOS 7 users

The appearance of iOS 7 is totally different than it’s predecessors owing to the gradients, in with the trippy fluorescent colors. Though it’s confusing for a user, yet iOS 7 has all sorts of nifty little tricks tucked away in places. These tricks like swiping down for search, call/sms/face time blocking enables users to master the extra-terrestrial appearance.

Amazon Adds New Features For Blind And Visually Impaired Users To Kindle For iOS App`

Amazon added enhanced accessibility options for the blind and visually impaired users  in Kindle app for iOS. With this, the users can use features like “X-Ray, End Actions, sharing, highlighting and bookmarking.”  These features, currently available for iOS will be launched for other platforms in due course of time.

Latest Yahoo apps in Android and iOS, integrate Summly

Days after buying Summly for $30 million, Yahoo integrated the same into it’s latest iOS and Android apps. The looks of apps on both the platforms is almost identical. Summly creates a summary of news article in 400 characters, which enables readers to quickly glance through the news. Though this update is available in US, for the time being. Details –