Few handy tricks for all iOS 7 users

The appearance of iOS 7 is totally different than it’s predecessors owing to the gradients, in with the trippy fluorescent colors. Though it’s confusing for a user, yet iOS 7 has all sorts of nifty little tricks tucked away in places. These tricks like swiping down for search, call/sms/face time blocking enables users to master the extra-terrestrial appearance.  http://tcrn.ch/18zD1fJ

Xbox and Microsoft PC games are coming to iPhone and Android handsets

Microsoft has combined hands with a Japanese smartphone game developer Klab Inc, to bring it’s PC and XBox games for iPhone and Android handsets. Microsoft’s popular game – Age of Empires will be available free of cost for the smartphones. Microsoft’s mobile gaming strategy could provide a lucrative link between its game console and mobile business, which includes its Windows Phone platform. Windows Phone handsets currently account for just 3 per cent of the world’s mobile phones, so providing its games to Android and iPhone handsets, which jointly command an estimated 90 per cent of handsets used worldwide, could unlock a huge new mobile gaming market for Microsoft.

Facebook launching it’s smartphone. Ties up with HTC.

Facebook is finally preparing to enter the mobile phone market, after years of speculation. The social network giant is teaming up with HTC for the same. The phone, which provides a feel of expanded version of Facebook application found on iOS and Android devices. With a iPhone like “home button”, the screen is slightly larger than the iPhone 5. The phone will use, forked version of the Android Operating System. http://9to5google.com/2013/03/28/facebook-smartphone-with-htc-launching-soon-ad-campaign-in-the-works/

Manufactured Sapphire could replace glass screen on mobile devices

Sapphire a hardest known natural element, second to Diamond. But it’s three times strong and scratch resistant than the regular glass. That’s the reason, Apple uses Sapphire to protect it’s camera in iPhone 5.  Manufactured sapphire is incredibly strong and scratch resistant. Now falling costs and technology improvements could make it competitive with glass, resulting in more and more phone companies opting for Sapphire instead of glass. For details, click here.

Turn your iPhone to a 24/7 spycam

Do you have an old iPhone, which you can’t think of any use for. Here is an applicOne of the clever aspects of Koozoo is that your phone doesn’t actually broadcast all day and night. The phone takes a snapshot every few minutes to use as a thumbnail, and only broadcasts live when a viewer using the Koozoo app tunes in. Video streams out at between 200 and 800 kbps, depending on your internet connection,ation – Koozoo which allows you to turn your old iPhone to a spycam which can work on 24/7 basis.

Koozoo app doesn’t broadcast all day and night. It takes snapshot (after few minutes), use them as thumbnails and send the same. It actually broadcasts when the user tunes into Koozoo app. The app can stream between 200 to 800kbps, depending upon the internet connectivity. Details here – http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/28/4039572/koozoo-app-livestream-your-yard