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  • Improvising Table of Contents in Word

    For a word user, when it comes to prepare a good report, the first aspect is to have a proper table of contents. A well begun is half-done. TOC field in Word can ease your load to formulate a better guide to your content. Information and credit – http://tek.io/1mdQybQ

  • Microsoft incorporates an Intelligent Social Layer, Groups Feature To Office 365

    Microsoft combined Cloud with big data analysis and social networking to rethink some of the most inefficient workflows in the business, today. “The Office Graph”, launched as a sneak peek will be launched widely in the second-half of the year. It will slowly find its way in all Office 365 applications. With video portal added […]

  • Advanced formatting tricks for Excel users

    Microsoft Excel, is an integral part of Microsoft Office. Generally, users are content with some basic functions and general formatting options. It always pays, to push your-self, beyond basics. Check out the advanced formatting tricks for the users, who want to work more effectively and efficiently. Details – http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/10things/10-advanced-formatting-tricks-for-excel-users/3622