Things you can do with Samsung Galaxy S5 and not with iPhone 5S

Samsung is giving Apple a tough competition. With the launch of Samsung S5, this competition has heated up. Leave aside the differences between Android OS and the iOS, here is a list of things you can do with your Samsung Galaxy S5 and can’t do with iPhone 5S. Be it be making payments using PayPal or soaking your phone in the water, the list will definitely impress you –

Microsoft may venture into smart watches market made a forecast in October, 2012 that wearable smart electronics in shoes, tattoos, and accessories will emerge as a US$10 billion industry by 2016. Keeping with the trend and worried about it’s declining sales of PCs, Microsoft may launch a smart wrist watch, like other IT giants (Apple and Samsung, are already working on this). It has requested suppliers to provide 1.5 inch display for the prototype of potentially “watch-like-device”.

Facebook Home reconstructs any Android phone to make it about people

Facebook Home
Facebook Home

Facebook Home, a latest Facebook App can be installed on any Android phone and it totally revamps the home screen and the lock screen (in fact, overhauls your phone) to display about your Facebook friends, without evening unlocking the phone. You can like the posts or put your comments on the same, from the home screen, without launching any application. Available beginning April 12th, but only in a limited capacity — it will initially be available on the HTC One and One X, and the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note II.