Top 5 dont’s in a professional life

As the saying goes – “To have experience of 40 years at the age of 20, share/learn from other’s experience”. We as employees are sometimes driven by mood swings, rage which can hamper the professional growth and life. As an employee we should try to avoid –

  • Never let rage overpower you – We should maintain the calm posture even in adverse situations and shouldn’t loose temper. Any behavior due to rage or revenge, may result in lost of self-respect.
  • Never backstab your colleagues – Backstabing is a big no in a professional career. Maintain a dignified behavior and don’t even gossip. Like the law of nature, what goes comes back, this backstabing may be harmful for you.
  • Never lie – Always be truthful and honest to your deeds. Lies don’t pay in big run.
  • Never cut a sorry figure – Don’t try to be an object of pity and try to gain undue sympathy from others. Always try to create a positive aura about yourself. Tell people your qualities, your achievements and success stories.
  • Never burn bridges – Not going for the literal meaning, it means to quit a job or join new job graceful. Try to complete the work in hand and let your ex-boss vouch for you. Previous boss/bosses, colleagues can be good professional reference.

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